security camera and leak sensors in home
Unoccupied Homes: Why Cameras and Sensors are Great, but In-Person Checks Are Still Needed
It’s common for Minnesota’s retirees to snowbird in the winters. While they enjoy the warmth of the south, their homes in the north remain unoccupied, raising concerns about how best to care for their...
dense AZ retirement community is contrasted to large excelsior home
Comparing Home Watch Costs: Minnesota vs. Arizona - What's Behind the Numbers?
In the world of home watch services, one might wonder why the cost of these services can vary significantly depending on the location. In this article, we will delve into the reasons why home watch services...
Minnetonka homeowners back their bags before heading to florida for the winter.
Tips to Prepare Your MN Home for an Extended Winter Trip
As the icy grip of winter tightens its hold, some fortunate Minnesotans find solace in escaping the season. Whether you’re empty nesters seeking warmer horizons or digital nomads taking advantage...
Home owner handing over house keys to selected house care taker.
Winter Home Care: Finding the Right Solution While You’re Away
As winter arrives, Minnesota homeowners must decide how to care for their homes during the time they escape to warmer climates. Exploring options helps you choose wisely to safeguard your valuable property. Neighbor...
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