The Team

Discover the team at Northern Nest Services, a trio devoted to safeguarding your home with unwavering focus.  Each team member brings a distinct skill set to fortify your home’s care. Our collaborative approach ensures seamless coverage, top notch professionalism, dedicated customer support, ensuring swift responses and unparalleled care for your peace of mind.

Laura Schuh Founder
Laura Schuh

Founder & Office Manager

Before founding Northern Nest Services, Laura graduated cum laude from University Wisconsin- Eau Claire and has over 15 years of professional business-to-business expertise. With six years at the helm of an international distribution company and more years as a key liaison for multiple European manufacturers in the US market, Laura honed her skills in operations and sales.

Laura works within the company focusing on operations and providing customers with a great experience.

Bill Coldwell
Bill Coldwell

Home Technician

Prior to his recent retirement from Corporate America, Bill spent over 40 years managing all aspects of construction, real estate, and building operations management for a large MN based company. An Industrial Engineer by training, he also owns and manages several of his own rental properties, and has extensive hands-on home repair and renovation experience. Bill and his family have lived in Excelsior since 1995.

Bill conducts regular on-site home visits looking for issues and efficiently handles any unexpected situations.

Mathew Schuh Founder
Mathew Schuh

Founder & Technical Advisor

Mathew is a dedicated, and energetic man driven by his desire to solve problems. He has a strong set of technical skills in the field of engineering and design. He helped build an entire home from the ground up and enjoys renovating and maintaining homes.  He graduated from UM-Mankato with a degree in mechanical engineering and has 15 years of professional engineering experience. Laura and Matt reside in Chanhassen with their 2 children and 4 chickens.

Along with conducting home visits, Matt also keeps his pulse on the latest technology like wi-fi and cellular home monitoring systems, cameras, thermostats, alarms, sensors, light bulbs and home security systems.

The Spark Behind Northern Nest Services

Northern Nest Services originated from two significant sources of inspiration for the Schuhs.

The first source stemmed from a desire to take their family on a vacation while facing the dilemma of leaving their home unattended. Their residence received frequent deliveries from Amazon, and they had cherished plants indoors and outdoors that they were reluctant to leave unattended. With no nearby family available for house-sitting and neighbors extremely busy raising their own young children, seeking assistance posed a genuine challenge.

Their limited vacation time made any concern about their home an unnecessary distraction. They aimed to relish every moment of their brief vacation without unnecessary worries. Recognizing that others might share this sentiment, they aspired to develop a solution enabling individuals to fully immerse themselves in the present, regardless of their location.

The second source of inspiration came from their parents, who had retired to Arkansas and regularly traveled north to visit their children and grandchildren. Despite making the journey several times a year, some trips were marred by unexpected issues back in Arkansas. From failing irrigation lines to extreme cold causing pipe ruptures, these incidents added stress and curtailed their visits.

Combining these motivations, the Schuhs founded Northern Nest Services. The business aims to free homeowners from concerns about leaving their “nest” back home. 

couple enjoying retirement


Don’t spend your precious time away worrying and make sure your biggest asset is being cared for.